I love doujinshi. Perhaps to a degree which grows less and less healthy every day. As such, I'll go through most lengths to find new things. Thusly, this section was born. ^_^;

Basically, wherever a doujinshi is listed as "open", it means I'm willing to part with it. Be it via trade, or sale, or whathaveyou. Make me an offer and we'll talk.

If you see "restricted" anywhere, that means that a doujinshi means a little bit extra to me... But it can be wrenched out of my grasp... Usually this'll mean trade-only, for something by the same circle, series, pairing, or something equally attractive. I'm always open to an offer. Perhaps we can work something out. ^_^

Information on payments, S&H, and all that good stuff are available upon request. Email me sometime. If I can avoid it, I try not to ship internationally. I live in the US.. Shipping charges just get confusing when I cross a border.. ^^;

If you care, here's what I'd sell my first-born child for:

  • Yami no Matsuei (Tsuzuki x Hisoka and/or Muraki x Hisoka)
  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Final Fantasy IX (I'm picky about the art for this series, though.. A cover scan would help)
  • Final Fantasy X (Anything OTHER than Auron x Jecht)
  • Digimon (Most pairings/circles; try me. ^^)
  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Seiji-centric)
  • Alice in Wonderland (I *know* they exist!!! I also accept any other doujinshi-fied versions of Fairytales)
  • Rockman / X (Rockman x Blues and/or Zero x X preferred)
  • Kodomo no Omocha (NON-hentai)
  • Bakuretsu Hunters (Marron x Carrot and/or Marron x Gateau)
  • Magic Knight Reyearth (Primera-centric)
  • Outlaw Star (Gene x Jim ; Jim-centric)
  • Doujinshi versions of any US-liscenced characters (Powerpuff Girls, comic book characters, etc..)
  • Slayers (Xell x Zel ; Zel x Lina ; Zel x Amelia ; Zel-centric)
  • Circles - Kadota Sakana, Hyper Brond, Tachibana Kaimu

..And, as for what I DON'T want:

  • Final Fantasy VII / VIII
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Evangelion
  • Original / J-Rock books
  • Sailormoon (Yaoi, yuri)
  • Trigun
  • Escaflowne
...Clearly, there's not a lot I won't at least consider, especially compared to the overwhelming list of favorite pairings. ^_^;

On a general basis, I prefer shounen-ai over yaoi, yaoi over "straight" pairings, "straight" over shoujo-ai, shoujo-ai over yuri, and yuri over hentai. Though, I wouldn't say a complete "no!" to any one book based solely on sexual orientation.

Still reading? *L* If any of this has interested you, and if you're interested in a trade of sorts, then please, email me at jessieATkawaiiDOTnu, and we'll talk. Oh, and be sure to put something like "Doujinshi" in the title, so I don't pass over it accidentally... ^-^;

Questions and stuff? Email me with those too.

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