Links to my favorite Doujinshi sites online. ^_^

Aestheticism is yaoi central. There, you can find yaoi doujinshi of all kinds -- even the English ones.. o_o

Chibi Shop has the CUTEST webpage in the WORLD. I'm so indescribably in love with this place.. ^_^ They've got a great selection of cheap doujinshi to choose from, too.

Doki Doki Station. I've heard they're good. Never made an order personally.

Doujinshi at Valhalla is the webpage that inspired me to turn my passion into something online. I envy her collection.

Ebay is where nearly all of my doujinshi came from. They've recently done all they could to block out yaoi from their auctions, but that hasn't stopped sellers from peddling their wares... ^-^

Happy Otaku Site is.. Well.. You can tell English isn't their naitive language. ^^; Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just makes for some interesting reading on occasion. I've never ordered from them personally, but I've heard they treat their customers well.

On Silk Screens is another collection I'm jealous of. She's got yaoi Rockman X doujinshi. *wistful sigh*

Shoujo Paradise has one of the friendliest correspondance I've seen. And the sales.. Oh LORD, the sales... *-*

Sugar Island has doujinshi scans. Digimon doujinshi scans. ^-^ It's yummy. Go see.

Sukebe Panda is another one of those dealers with a good reputation that I just haven't tried yet. ^-^;;

Yaoi Boys contains a wonderous collection of yaoi doujinshi scans from a bunch of different series. Take a peek if it's your thang. ^_^

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