Hi and welcome to the doujinshi-center of kawaii.nu! ^-^

What is doujinshi, you ask? Doujinshi are essentially fan-produced comics, devilishly skirting around copyright laws to bring fanfic and fanart together. Generally speaking, they're Japanese. Laws are much more generous there, and the public is more accepting of the fan-manga. While a few notable English doujinshi have been printed and distributed, as a whole, fans seem less willing to accept the artform on this hemisphere. Which is a true shame, because I know I'd pay good money to read a good Scott x Alex Summers fancomic... But that's neither here nor there. ^.~

Overall, doujinshi are one of my most cherished passions. With this webpage, I hope to share those passions with you. ^-^ Do, take a look around. I hope you enjoy what you find.

Last Updated Feb 24, 2005:
Full scan galleries have been removed.
It's the first update here in nearly three years, and it's a negative one. I'm sorry. I was recently checking my domain statistics, and found that 90% of this section's web traffic comes from Spanish-speaking bloggers direct-linking entire doujinshi scans. Basic net-iquette teaches us all that if you absolutely feel the need to steal things, at least have the decency to not direct-link it.
With this in mind, when next I update this with new content (like I've been promising myself I'd get around to doing since back in '02. xD), there will be no more full scan galleries. Please do not email me asking for them. A sample page will do. I've also recently grown a bit of an ethical bone, and no longer feel it's entirely right to put up full scans of anything for public domain. There are plenty of other services online that will go that route -- this webpage has always been mostly a chronicle of my little fangirl obsessions.

But on a lighter note, I've noticed that I'm actually showing up on people's linked pages! o.o Wow, I feel kind of like someone walked in on my shower or something. *L* Welcome to here, I apologize for the rampant bitter, and please don't be too turned off by my removal of the "goodies".
Contact information on the trades page also updated, though actual book status has been sorely neglected. I have a small ton of books that sitting on my shelf that I haven't scanned and added, and another small stack has been pawned off on Ebay to help pay for life. ^^; But it's still always important to have a valid email up, so it's there now. :D

Updated May 27, 2002:
Five new Digimon doujin, two Street Fighter, one Powerpuff Girls. ^_^
Webpage Launched March 05 2002

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